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Please let me tell you a little about us....

We are a family owned and operated farm located in Barnesville, Ohio. If it belongs on a farm we have it!  We raise several lambs each year mostly Suffolk and Suffolk cross and we always have a few calves, goats etc. running around. We also offer several horses and ponies for sale year round and price them to SELL. Please come and ride the horse or pony and make sure its the right one for you. Every horse and pony we list for sale is put through a test... unless otherwise stated. For example we will ride them in the area (Walk, trot and canter) ride them around the farm and on trails. (Cross water, logs, bridges, etc.) If we don't have what your looking for give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will find it. We add new horses and ponies FREQUENTLY.

-Licensed Livestock Dealer-

Our Personal Horses
(Not For Sale)


Cinnamon was purchased by us when she was 4 years old in 1988. She was barely Green broke and finished out to be a consistent 21 second pole horse and a 1D barrel horse. She was the first horse from Belmont County to attend the OSF. She loved her job and you could tell it...she put her heart and soul into EVERY run. She is currently retired and will ALWAYS have a FOREVER home with us.

~RIP "Cinnamon" 2012~

Pocos "Boone" Doc

Boone is a Registered AQHA Buckskin Gelding. We purchased Boone when he was 4 months old in 1994. He is a 1D barrel horse. He has ran and won the rodeo circuit several times. He is a big stout gelding and to look at him you would never think he could run a set of barrels. Boone has a personality all of his own and will ALWAYS have a FOREVER home with us.

Classy Chrome Pine a.k.a "Kitty"

Kitty is a 2006 Registered APHA overo mare. We have owned Kitty since she was coming 2 years old. When we got her she wasn't worth 2 cents... she was very small, skinny and a complete idiot.. but for some reason she grew on us. She is now one of the best horses we own. She knows the barrel and pole patterns but hates to do it!... she has no speed! We mostly just trail ride her.... there is no place she won't go! Kitty will also have a FOREVER home with us.


"Scooter" was born November 28th, 2011. He is a colt out of "Kitty". He is a big baby with a great personality. 


"Lizzy" is a 9 year old pony. We bought her from an auction almost 4 years ago. She has been one of the best "babysitters" around. She knows the barrels and poles by heart. She is one of those "once in a lifetime" ponies.


"Jimmie" is a retired Pulling Pony.  We have owned him for over 10 years. He knows his name better than most people. He has won several competitions and now all he does is stand in the field and eat.  He will always have a forever home, here with us!